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The Most Beautiful Women (Of The Celebrity World)~50megs Edition
50megs Edition The name explains it all. 110 beauties. Now located on 2 different hosts.
Tripod Edition Last updated- 7/12/02.
  My Resume. . . along with some of my computer graphics work. Last updated- July 12, 2002.

My Screenplays I'm an aspiring screenwriter and these are my screenplays, four features now under my belt. Last updated- July 12, 2002.
My Screenplays
Deadly Relations, Roommates
L'Asperches U., & Mental

Fred's Old School FDU
Fred's Old School FDU My life at FDU (Fairleigh Dickinson University . . . Madison, NJ). Last updated- July 12, 2002.
The Memories Found In A Beautiful Mind
The Memories Found In A Beautiful Mind My experience working on the set of A BEAUTIFUL MIND on Friday, April 27th, 2001.

FDU:  Federal Detention Unit
FDU: Federal Detention Unit 3rd Floor Hamilton Residents 2001-2002. Really a site in and of itself. Last updated- July 12, 2002.

APPRECIATE THE SITES? NOW EXCEPTING DONATIONS. It'll only take a minute or 2 of your time and it'll encourage me to continue updating. Thank you. I'm a poor college student. Violins please.Getting well over 6,000 visitors a year, it would seriously cover the hosting bill if each of you donated as little as a penny! :-) (Though, naturally, you're encouraged to give more :-D )
Original homepage

Frederick William Springer III My original homepage. Life in Perth Amboy, humor, friends, and a glimpse into my personality. Really haven't done much with it since it's creation back in '99.

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