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Fred's Old School FDU

Spring 2002

For our second project, we had to use Adobe After Effects (our other projects are done in 3d Studio Max). Granted I haven't explored all the features offered, I find it to be more or less a glorified Power Point. Anyway, for this project I decided to make a logo for "Bored Games." Freshman year, my friends and I created a new board game (and I came up with ideas for four future creations). So, I figured "Bored Games" could be our marketing company. The opening and closing animations (pictured here) were made in 3d Studio and the speech cloud and "z's" were added post in After Effects. The mid section with all the games, their logos, descriptions, as well as other goodies was entirely put together in After Effects. As they have yet to be copyrighted and/or trademarked, I'm not posting them here. SORRY!
00-00-00. A seemingly plain but ordinary bedroom.
00-02-06. Speech cloud appears. 00-03-05. First "Z" pops into existence. 00-05-18. Four other z's appear, one by one.
00-07-02. Z's begin to disappear as the comforter on the bed begins to fade. 00-07-27. Comforter begins to drop through bed. 00-08-11. Z's completely gone as comforter goes through floor.
00-08-25. Speech cloud disappears and the camera begins to dolly in. 00-09-22. Camera gets closer. 00-10-24. Camera goes under bed (where game stuff starts flying around).

01-03-05. Camera begins to back out from under the bed. 01-03-22. Shag carpet with something on it begins to slide out. 01-04-26. Both camera and carpet continue coming out.
01-06-05. "Games" made of confetti on carpet begins to become visible. 01-07-09. Both camera and carpet continue pulling out. 01-11-13. Camera holds, and speech cloud followed by z's appear.

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