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Fred's Old School FDU

Spring 2002
Our first project- Box Modeling a spider. I chose a Daddy Long Leg, which really isn't a spider at all. Shhh! Of all my Environmental Modeling projects this semester, this was one of my favorites.
Project 2, Custom Textures. We were given two weeks to . . . . . . complete a fly swatter, glass jar, butterfly, and an eyeball.
I choose a jelly jar as I'd be able to eat the contents in the dorm. However, getting the label off in one piece was a different story.
Adonis Blue butterfly drifting above FDU. My creative eyeball that SUCKS. Looks totally fake. Don't know why I didn't think the web would have textures I could use.
Our third project, which we had two weeks to complete, was lighting. We needed to do colored Christmas lights as well as a street lamp.
The result of my fourth project that I am utterly unhappy with. For this one we had to make a crab claw out of Nurbs or Patches. This one we were technically given two weeks to complete due to Spring Break. After a week at home substitute teaching, I totally forgot how to use either method. The result is this piece of crap I made out of patches.
Our fifth and final project- an outdoor organic environment incorporating some kind of architecture with foilage, creating a mood through the use of lighting, texturing, etc. This one we were given half the semester to work on. I decided to do a camping scene. Along with my Daddy Long Leg (which is incorporated into the scene 4 times if you feel like playing "Where's Waldo?"), it's the work I'm most proud of.

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